June 26, 2016

Helping businesses succeed online since 1998

In a nutshell, we are a full service, London based, web design & online marketing agency.

We have the skills and tools to build your business online.

Robert Faulkner, Director

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Web Design & Development

If you're selling a product or service, your site needs to do more than just look impressive.

It needs to clearly show what you're offering.
It needs to be easy to navigate.
It needs to be simple and uncluttered.


Bespoke E-commerce

Bored of templated out of a box e-commerce websites?

Do you want full control of all aspects of your site?

Our e-commerce is also search engine friendly from the ground up.


Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

It's about building relationships with your online audiences by sharing content, giving insights and having honest and open conversations.

It's not about selling. It's about sharing.


Corporate Hosting

Is your site hosted with 1000's of others on one server?

What would happen if your site went down?
Our hosting is full redundancy, back up, mirroring and load balancing as standard.

Does yours?


Email Marketing

Still sending email into the unknown?

Would you like to A/B test campaigns,
receive detailed reports or
generate triggered email campaigns?

We provide an enterprise level email marketing platform at basic pricing.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

To double your conversion rate
is to double your turnover.

How would that feel?

Our conversion experts will show you how.


Welcome to Datadial

In a nutshell, we are a full service, London based, web design agency & online marketing agency.

We generally work with small to medium companies (from start ups to £5m turnover)

We want to help you grow your business online.

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Robert Faulkner

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And just a few beautiful recent comments that keep us ticking, even from departing clients

re seo work (June 2014)

I just wanted to let you know that in the past two days I have received calls from two global companies based in London for our services.

When I asked them how they got my contact details they said that when search xxxxxxxxxxxx (edited to protect client privacy) my name comes up. So this is great news, obviously the company you are engaging in London are doing their bit :) What it does tell me is that there is a demand for 'locally' based bureaus - so I hope my contact details pop up some more.


re new website - (Sept 2014)

"Without exception

They all xxxxing love it – the graphic designer had a tear in his eye

They all totally love it, they are all telling me how much they love it

It has literally restored their faith in wanting to work for the company

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

 (you have sort of made me a bit of a hero right now!)"


response to Proposal (Sept 2014)

Dear Rob.

It was lovely to meet you yesterday too.  Thank you so much for your attitude and honesty. I really appreciate your advice....You are the professional and the person I wish I met 10 years ago. Unfortunately  I cannot move on this yet just at this time...


departing client (yes occasionally people leave!) (Sept 2014)

You have been extremely helpful and provided an amazing service, so if in the near future I want the help of any company for web related work rest assured I will not look further.


re new website (Oct 2014)

For your information, we couldn't be happier with the service that we have received from the Datadial team, and more specifically from Kolen, who has been on board for the entire project. Not once have we felt like we asked a stupid question (although there have been many asked!), or like something was too difficult. Kolen has constantly made himself available for us, and the whole process has been a pleasure.


in response to submitted designs (Oct 2014)

Firstly I'm delighted with how professional it looks and how much thought and effort you've put into it. It’s brilliant that you've gone above and beyond our brief in terms of functionality and with the copy. There are so many lovely touches and ideas that we hadn't thought of and I think the end result is going to be much better than I ever imagined.


re: SEO review meeting (Oct 2014)

We're delighted with the work that you have been doing on SEO and PPC over the last year and look forward to another year.


re new website (Nov 2014)

Kolen's design was fantastic and everyone's feedback was that the site was great.


re PPC campaign (Dec 14)

We generated 8 bookings this November from 122 unique web enquiries which between them produced total commission of around US$9200 against our ad words spend of US$2492. On my very basic “ROI” calculation, November was therefore by some distance our best month so far this year, generating around 3.7 times in commission what we spent.


re PPC campaign (Dec 14)

Our cost per conversion is down from £600 to £18. We can attribute a large proportion of this reduction down to your PPC work.


re review meeting (Dec 14)

Suzana and Martina have been a breath of fresh air. I ask for something and within minutes Suzana emails me to say that it has been done. It's very impressive and helps us a lot. Martina's insights into email marketing and helping us around the CMS has also been a fantastic help.


Where are all our clients? Click to see how we are
gradually covering the UK and Europe!

2014 - Datadial Charity

This year we are pleased to be supporting Family Friends who provide mentoring and befriending services. More information on www.familyfriend.org.uk